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Bookateer Publishing has been created to assist authors everywhere with their publishing needs. Are you looking for something simple, such as the creation of a cover, galley, and the acquisition of an ISBN as well as getting your book(s) up on

We can do it.

Are you looking for all of the above as well as a specific quantity of books but just don't know who to use as a printer?

We can help you.

Are you looking for help creating a website, which showcases your book, your events, and your mission as an author but you just don't have any web designing blood in your literary body?

We can guide you.

Here at Bookateer Publishing, we're not only looking at publishing books because we know what we're doing - we're also looking forward to helping authors everywhere learn the ropes of just what it means to "be an author". Many people have either written a book or are in the process of writing one… then the fear of the unknown takes over. They stop what they are doing because they have no idea what to do next. There are many options; many questions:

  • Should I get an agent?
  • How do I write a query letter?
  • Should I self-publish?
  • Should I use print-on-demand?
  • What about E-Books?

For a first time writer, or an experienced author, this can be an end to all of your hard work… or it can be a beginning.

This is where we come in.

Bookateer Publishing has put the power back into the author's hands. No more settling on pennies for each book sold. We can show you the way to do it yourself, or we can do it for you.

Tap the experience of working authors to learn how to get that book you always wanted published into your hands. Learn how to set up book signings, attend events, or arrange events in your own community. Find out the benefits of publishing E-Books - low or no cost up front and entrance into a burgeoning market.

Most of all, take the mystery out of publishing!

Even if you are already published, have you considered how much more money you could make if your publisher wasn't taking such a large cut? Look at the numbers! How many books does your publisher sell for you? How many do you sell yourself? If it meant making $10 per book sale instead of $5, $3, or even less than $1, would it be worth it to you?

There's nothing quite like having the first copy of your first published book in your hands, and that feeling does not change one iota with any subsequent books! If you've written a book and are ready to get it published - a real, LIVE book you can hold in YOUR hands - WE CAN HELP!

Contact Bookateer Publishing and open the door to a new world of Publishing!

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